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The goal of GrowthPartner is to utilize the best and latest knowledge for practical input to grow and develop you and your company.

My own background for this comes partly from more than 25 years professional business experience in Denmark and internationally with international companies and in part from my work as a consultant and External Lecturer at CBS. Details can be seen below and on LinkedIn

Overall I combine this extensive experience together with inspiration when developing new solutions. The world is rapidly evolving and new management tools are constantly developed.

Therefore I also have a close connection with CBS as an External Lecturer to constantly be at the forefront of these developments. (Under Cases you can see a more detailed description of experiences from my various appointments and my work as an advisor and consultant). Experience and ability to innovate are important factors for employees and partners.

GrowthPartner's support is based on these best experiences and the latest knowledge in sales, marketing, strategy and management.

Ole Angersbach Schou, Founder

Thorough analyses are the basis for improvements.

GrowthPartner has a direct approach to provide development. You know your options and challenges and, during our initial meeting, we discuss from all angles the areas where you would like to be improved. This often provides additional clarity. Once the focus has been defined, we discuss the areas for further involvement and the precise way we want to work to not only provide solutions, but also our mutual cooperation to meet your specific requirements.

You will always receive support directly from the person responsible for each project segment. If necessary, we have a network with a large number of partners all experts in their specific fields that can be drafted into the project. An important part here is that we also use students from e.g. CBS. This offers benefits for assignments requiring a lot of time as well as utilizing their natural digital affinity for such tasks. In our experience this gives rise to really good innovative solutions.

​Founder, Managing Partner
Ole Angersbach Schou​​​

My qualifications as the founder of GrowthPartner

For more than 25 years I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work within quite different industries with various products and services to either professionals or private consumers. The greatest specialization being more than 15 years experience with VELUX and sales in construction, interior design and Do-It-Yourself. Long training periods together with customer problem solving has given me assignments within many industries. Examples: Financial services, flooring plastic items, tape, noise insulation in factories, building paint, elevators, safety shoes and Danish furniture design.

Networking is an important factor

A good network provides reliable input, can provide better and faster solutions and also open doors…. GrowthPartner has a large network in many areas that we can use as inspiration and Review Boards when solutions are developed and evaluated. This ensures that ideas will also work in actual practice.

We look forward to helping you find and realize your growth potential!

My career in overview

  • 6 years in Beiersdorf in Denmark and Germany as Product Manager, Key-Account Manager and International Brand Manager.
  • 3 years in joint subsidiary of Fazer and Cloetta as Marketing Manager on the Danish market for Dumle Denmark's best-selling caramel.
  • 12 years in VELUX as Head of Commercial Excellence (including CRM), Area Manager and General Manager Nordic with responsibility for the Nordic markets - Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.
  • 5 years as CEO and Sales Director of Akzo-Nobel Deco with sales of Sadolin, Pinotex and Nordsjö to professional painters and private customers.
  • And since 2012 I am self-employed in GrowthPartner and have worked on Boards and been External Lecturer at CBS
This lengthy and broad experience makes it possible to work within most industries. I combine this know-how with the latest knowledge and tools from my work as External Lecturer to ensure you always have the most competent sparring and support for your development and growth.

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We offer practical experience combined with knowledge, power and energy to enable you and your business to exploit your full potential.

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