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The work as a Director offers many opportunities, but is also particularly challenging. An old saying is that it is lonely at the top. I enjoyed the work, but also experienced the role being a demanding one with great responsibility for setting the optimal direction for the company. Many decisions have to be made with a great responsibility for the day-to-day management of the company. Last not least there is often much work more than time allows! For many of these decisions you are alone. Some can be discussed with employees, boss or Board, but there may also be reasons why this is not possible. You may not want to involve the family or friends due to lack of competence. With whom can you then discuss these issues: a sparring partner perhaps?

I could have used a person with whom I was 100% familiar and who knew my business to give practical input whilst sparring over ideas. Additionally one who confidentially supported my management interests and career?

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It gave the inspiration to develop this concept for CEO sparring!

An experienced confidential sparring partner and business coach who has only one goal: to help you succeed!

I now offer Directors’ sparring - a personal support for Directors and Business Managers with greater responsibility – an innovative and competent input and a flexible resource for decision making etc. that you otherwise do not have time for.

How we work:

  • Recognizing expectations from your Manager and Board, employees, family and friends and not least yourself
  • Detecting business challenges
  • Revealing your personal and professional strengths and challenges. This is done in interviews and if you are open to it, also with a DISC profile.
On this basis, we draw up a plan for development - professionally and personally, continuously ensuring we stay on track and develop at the pace and reach the goals we have set.

I will then work 24/7 to help you reach your goals and ensure the optimal development!

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We offer practical experience combined with knowledge, power and energy to enable you and your business to exploit your full potential.

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