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Input, sparring and practical support for optimal internationalization.

Denmark is a small country with a population of less than 6 million interested in seeking international growth. Previously, this was initially concentrated on neighboring markets - the Nordic countries, Germany and Great Britain. This was also the most obvious having a similar culture, structure and work ethic. Digital development has opened up a whole new aspect concerning growth – global thinking instead of simply neighboring countries. The whole world is now open - the trick is to find the best possible business models! It can be beneficial to work with several models depending on the market to ensure the maximum penetration!

Over the last few years I have worked internationally with furniture products - Danish design, safety shoes and on the B2B market among other things for metal products and molds. All different, but the process is the same:

  • Define concept for what you offer to the market,
  • Scanning opportunities in the markets,
  • Select markets and then business model by market,
  • And last not least - follow up - follow up - follow up

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In the domestic market the most frequent cause of failure is that things are not correctly executed. This risk is much greater in international markets because they are further away and with more complex cultural challenges. Agents and distributors require well-defined legal agreements, clear concepts and material including manuals with appropriate guidelines to ensure both motivation and competence. These must be closely monitored.

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ENGELSK: Du får den internationale vækst du fortjener

I know the vast majority of pitfalls and success factors and together with my analysis power, international experience and large network available allowing you to achieve the international growth you deserve.

How we work

The basis for good internationalization is a strong concept. The starting point may be the brand profile and strategy you have for the Danish market you have already defined:

  • Which customers?
  • What do you want you offer - products, value etc.?
  • Why should they buy from you?
  • Map the decision processes and strategy you think best for penetrating to the customer.
It is important here to assess which markets have an interesting potential.

When done examine in detail what parts of the strategy will hold and where it need to be adapted. On that basis assess which models to use?

Should you have agents or distributors or should you go for a more exclusive strategy from the start and focus on few direct customers?

There are many steps in the process, but together we work systematically through the process and develop the optimal strategy and model.
Then later ensure the best execution.

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