Oversigt over konsulentcases

  • Jyske Finans
  • BL Noise insulation
  • Tesa
  • LoCa
  • Danish Steel Plate Technology
  • Mathiesen Plast
  • Solrød Møbelsnedkeri
  • Zarges

    HYDRO-CON quality lifts for buildings, produced in Gilleleje, Denmark. Solutions for all types of installations.

    Our cooperation included:
    • Market mapping including decision-making.
    • Mapping challenges, opportunities and development plan for the business.
    • Developing clearer brand profile and how to communicate this in the market.
    • Develop more efficient sales structure incl. bidding.
    • Review the customer journey with a focus on optimizing with digital tools.
  • Jyske Finans

    Jyske Finans Develops and offers innovative financial services incl. leasing.

    Our cooperation included:

    • Sparring on business development.
    • Development competences for sales management including joint focus and follow-up.
  • BL Noise insulation

    BL Noise isolation assists companies reduce noise nuisance in production.

    Our cooperation included:

    • Mapping market, customers and competition profile BL Noise insulation.
    • Re-defining market focus and brand profile.
      Review customer journey to map strengths and weaknesses.
    • Development of new tools - digital and physical - to strengthen the ability to attract and retain customers.
    • Setting up CRM for managing customers and other stakeholders.
    • Review plans to ensure execution.
    • Director sparring.

  • Tesa

    Tesa, an international company with sales to industry, construction and private consumers of high quality products.

    Our cooperation included:

    • Recruitment issues.
    • Study new product areas and concepts.
    • Projects for optimizing distribution and
    • collaboration with distributors.
    • Director sparring.

  • LoCa

    LoCa, Danish furniture manufacturer - Danish design e.g. KNAX sold internationally

    Our cooperation included:

    • Mapping of international potential.
    • Study of barriers to growth in e.g GB, NL and F.
    • Develop new concept for international markets "Partner Manual"
    • Develop new agent model ensuring higher motivation and greater activity.
    • Describing in detail tools to ensure a strong effort on the local market with clear branding and optimal
    • POS sales.
    • Director sparring.

  • Danish Steel Plate Technology

    Danish Steel Plate Technology, high quality metal processing, located in Svogerslev

    Our cooperation included:

    • Mapping market, customers and competitors.
    • Establishing success criteria and new brand profile.
    • Work towards achieving more quality in sales - time and selling activities.
    • Review customer base to ensure better focus.
    • Set up use of CRM as support for sales and customer contact.
    • Sparring with sales management.
  • Mathiesen Plast

    Our cooperation included:

    • Reviewing customer base as input for better sales
    • Mapping market and competitors.
    • Establish success criteria and clearer brand profile.
    • Work towards getting more quality in sales - time and selling activities.
    • Develop sales skills
    • Set up use of CRM as support for sales and customer contact.
    • Sparring with sales management.
    • Now Board member who can help with ongoing execution and development business,

    Consulting and Support in connection with investigation of internationalization

    • Investigation of different Business Models
    • Market Analysis
    • Development of Strategies
  • Solrød Møbelsnedkeri

    • Market and competitor analysis
    • Development Market Strategy
    • Development of marketing and sales competences,
    • Business Coaching of Management
  • Zarges

    • Market analysis and evaluation of new Business Area
    • Business Coaching of Management

Erfaringer fra ansættelser

  • Beiersdorf
  • Fazer
  • Velux
  • Akzo Nobel
  • Beiersdorf

    Products Manager in DK sales company

    • Development of Strategic and Operational Plan
    • Branding
    • Development and execution of sales and promotion campaigns
    • Key Account Management


    International Brand Manager, HQ in Hamburg Germany

    • Development of International Brand Strategy
    • Management of New Product Development
    • International Collaboration with sales companies
    • Project Leader in Transition from Local to Global approach:
      • International Strategy,
      • Alignment of Product Programs and designs
      • Shift from Local to European locations for Production
  • Fazer

    • Development of Brand Strategy and campaigns in FMCG market
    • Development of Brand Position for Dumle, Karl Fazer, Kehlet, Center and Tyrkisk Peber
    • Investigation and tests of new product and brand opportunities
    • Part of Nordic Brand Groups
    • Management development and execution of 33 Campaigns:
      • Promotional Campaigns, Media Campaigns,
      • KAM Presentations, Budgets, sales meetings, Incentives for sales force
    • Management of Marketing department
  • Velux

    12 years employment in 2 main areas:

    • Commercial Excellence, including development of CRM competences,
      • Analysis of need and wishes internationally – demand specification
      • Analysis and testing of possible systems – selection of 2 systems:
        • Basic – smaller countries – fixed setup,
        • Advanced – fixed base, but adaptible on important local points
        • Focus on user friendliness and buy-in for users over high complexity
      • Systems implemented in 25 countries
    • Manager of The Nordic Market and Organization
      • Build an optimal Organizational structure
      • Coach for optimization of Local Business in the 4 countries: DK, S, N and SF,
      • Build-up Strong and motivated Nordic Organization:
        • Common Nordic competences in vital areas HR, Marketing, Business Excellence/LEAN, Finance.
        • Management systems o. via BSC
        • Secure motivation and energy in the Nordic Organization.
  • Akzo Nobel

    Akzo-Nobel Deco

    • Member of Nordic Management Board of Directors
    • Development Strategic Plan including implementation plan,
    • Introduction of new management tools a.o. BSC,
    • Optimization of logistical setup – move warehouse,
    • Nordic efficiency project increased incl. aligning PP and increased collaboration
    • Optimize RETAIL business practice with higher Customer focus and use of bench-marks,
    • Optimize PROFF business with higher Branding and increase of sales efficiency a.o. CRM
    • Focus on keeping a good spirit and motivation - The Financial Crisis was a tough challenge,

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